React ES6 Components for internationalization.

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[React Intl ES6][]

This library provides React ES6 Components for internationalizing React web apps. The components provide a declarative way to format dates, numbers, and string messages, including pluralization.


React Intl ES6 is a fork of React Intl - the docs can be found on the website:


  • Display numbers with separators.
  • Display dates and times correctly.
  • Display dates relative to "now".
  • Pluralize labels in strings.
  • Support for 150+ languages.
  • Runs in the browser and Node.js.
  • Built on standards.


There are many examples on the website, but here's a comprehensive one:

var FormattedMessage  = ReactIntl.FormattedMessage;
var FormattedRelative = ReactIntl.FormattedRelative;
import {
} from 'react-intl-es6';

class PostMeta extends Component {
    static contextTypes = {
        intl: React.PropTypes.object

    render() {
        return (
                ago={<FormattedRelative value={} />} />

var post = {
    date    : 1422046290531,
    comments: [/*...*/]

var intlData = {
    locales : ['en-US'],
    messages: {
        post: {
            meta: 'Posted {ago}, {num, plural, one{# comment} other{# comments}}'

class App extends Intl {
    constructor() {
        super( intlData.locales, intlData.messages );

    render() {
        return (
            <PostMeta post={post} />

    <App />,

This example would render: "Posted 3 days ago, 1,000 comments" into the container element on the page. The post.meta message is written in the industry standard ICU Message syntax, which you can also learn about on the FormatJS website.

CDLR pluralization rules: In some languages you have more then one and other. For example in ru there are the following plural rules: one, few, many and other. Check out the official CDLR documentation from for all languages.

Note: You could also write =0 { No comments yet }


Let's make React Intl and FormatJS better! If you're interested in helping, all contributions are welcome and appreciated. React Intl is just one of many packages that make up the FormatJS suite of packages, and you can contribute to any/all of them, including the Format JS website itself.

Check out the Contributing document for the details. Thanks!


This software is free to use under the Yahoo Inc. BSD license. See the LICENSE file for license text and copyright information.