A lightweight, fully-customizable kind screen guide for React

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A lightweight, fully-customizable kind screen guide for React

mini demo

👉 Demo

👉 Concept

To install

$ npm install --save react-kindness

Put this somewhere in your component tree,

import {KindnessPanel, Kindness} from 'react-kindness';
import 'react-kindness/dist/index.css';

// ...
    <KindnessPanel enabled={}
                   onExit={() => this.setState({show: false})} />

then point out some elements that you want your guests to focus on

    <input type="text" {...} />

<Kindness message="Click here to submit your post!">
    <button type="submit">Submit</button>

When the <KindnessPanel /> becomes enabled={true}, the screen guide starts.

Props of <KindnessPanel />

opaque type SeriesId = string;

type KindnessPanelProps = {|
  enabled: boolean,
  onExit: () => void,
  shape?: 'circle' | 'rect', // 'circle' by default
  initialIndex?: number, // 0 by default
  children?: (KindnessPanelContentArgs) => React.Component,
  seriesId?: SeriesId, // 'default' by default
  onClickOutside?: () => ?boolean, // () => {} by default.
                                   // If false was returned, react-kindness
                                   // tries to disable user interactions.

Props of <Kindness />

type KindnessProps = {|
  children: mixed,
  shape?: 'circle' | 'rect', // Use <KindnessPanel shape={} /> by default and being able to override it
  title?: mixed, // null by default
  message?: mixed, // null by default
  order?: number | 'auto', // 'auto' by default
  seriesId?: SeriesId, // 'default' by default

Customizing a panel content

By default <KindnessPanel /> uses <KindnessPanelContent /> internally. By passing a function as a child, you can customize the content.

<KindnessPanel enabled={true}>
        ({totalSize, currentIndex, goPrev, goNext}) => (
                <h3>{`This is ${currentIndex + 1} of ${totalSize} item.`}</h3>
                <button onClick={goPrev}>Go previous</button>
                <button onClick={goNext}>Go next</button>

Properties of the argument is these:

type KindnessPanelContentArgs = {|
  title: mixed,
  message: mixed,
  totalSize: number,
  currentIndex: number,
  goPrev: () => void,
  goNext: () => void,
  skip: () => void,
  goIndex: (number) => void,
  transitionEmitter: EventEmitter,

(wip) Get additional variables from <Kindness />

When you pass a function to <Kindness /> as a child, you can use additional variables.

    { (focused) => <div style={focused && {fontWeight: 'bold'}}>yeah</div> }


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  • 0.3.0 Fancy API for customising
  • 0.4.0 More tests
  • Scroll X
  • onClickOutside of <KindnessPanel />
  • Disabling user interactions onClickOutside
  • feat: <Kindness shape={'circle'|'rect'} /> with smooth spot transition of each
  • mod: Scroll to a target with decent margin even with circle spot
  • Accept a function as a child to <Kindness />