CLI for create react libraries

Usage no npm install needed!

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React Library Generator

Powerful CLI for creating a React libraries

React library generator is a CLI that helps you to build a scaffold for your library. It's fully customizable, and you can determine what you want. Also, this CLI create documentation for your library and provide various test utilities.


  • Simple to use CLI and fully customizable
  • ES6 and Flow syntax support
  • Testing (Jest, Ava, Enzyme)
  • Different supported style languages (Sass, Less, PostCSS, CSS)
  • Documentation (Docz)
  • Rollup for Bundling
  • Bundles es and cjs module formats
  • Babel for Transpiling
  • Source map creation
  • Automatic code linting via esLint
  • Supports peer-dependencies
  • Protect your git branches with Husky
  • Check Library name availability on NPM before generating


npm i -g react-library-generator
yarn add global react-library-generator


$ react-library-generator

Library structure

The following file tree has represented the structure of the library. You can develop your component on the src folder and writes tests on the tests folders. 😄

At the moment, we use Docz for documentation and demo. but In the future, we provide other utilities such as Storybook for documentation.

Note! We don't intend to restrict you to this structure, so all parts can be changed.


MIT © Jalal Azimi