React components for Line Awesome Icons

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Line Awesome Icons as Typescript React Components

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Easily add and customize Line Awesome icons in your JS or Typescript React project without clashing with Font Awesome classes.


  1. Add the library as a dependency from NPM:
    # yarn
    yarn add react-line-awesome

    # npm
    npm install react-line-awesome
  1. Add a link to the font files in your project's HTML files:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />


  • No dependencies (other than React)
  • Simple API that mirrors Font Awesome's class names.
  • Add your own classNames, styles and other props (all additional props are passed directly to the component).
  • Proper accessibility tags.


var React = require('react')
import { ThumbsUpIcon } from 'react-line-awesome'

function MinimalExample(props) {
  return <ThumbsUpIcon />

function LongerExample(props) {
  return (
    <ThumbsUpIcon className="custom-class" component="span" style="color: blue">
      <span>I am a child!</span>

See the list of all icons available