A linear bubble chart for reactjs

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  import reactLinearBubbleCharts from '';



A linear bubble chart for reactjs

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npm install --save react-linear-bubble-charts


alt text

alt text


import React, { Component } from 'react'

import LinearBubbleChart from 'react-linear-bubble-charts'

class Example extends Component {
  render () {
    let data = [
          title: "A",
          value: 5,
          color: "#bc3f05"
          title: "B",
          value: 20
          title: "C",
          value: 10,
          color: "#16b4e0"
          title: "D",
          value: 30
    return (
      <LinearBubbleChart data={data} />


Prop Type Default Comment
data array - data for the component should be an array of objects with keys as title, value, color
bubbleSpacing number 90 spacing between each bubble
maxBubbleSize number 35 size of the bubble with max value
minBubbleSize number 12 size of the bubble with minimum value
height number 300 height of the svg element
bubbleColor string #FB6669 color for the bubble if individual color is not given
titleColor string #000000 color for the title of bubble
valueColor string #000000 color for the value of bubble
lineColor string #ffffff color for the base line
lineWidth number 1 width for the base line
wordWrap bool false Will put the word after space in a new line
onBubbleClick function null click event for a bubble will return index , title, value


Avin Vij