Dropdown menu from Talk by teambition

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  import reactLiteDropdown from '';


React Lite Dropdown

Dropdown component from Talk by Teambition.




  • displayText (string)

Text to display when selected. You will get is-chosen in className of root element when it's specified.

  • defaultText (string.isRequired)

Text to display when displayText is undefined.

  • name (string)

CSS hook for this components, defaults to default. Suppose it's x, the generated className is is-for-x.

  • show (bool.isRequired)

Defines whether DropdownMenu is shown or not.

  • onToggle (func.isRequired)

Things happened when toggle dropdown.

  • this.props.children

Content to render in the menu opened after clicked.


This component suppose you are using it in such scenarios:

  • it looks like <select>, with default text and selected
  • but you need to render arbitrary view, rather than list of items
  • click events bubbles to window and menu is then closed

In chinese. 中文表达更明确一些, 这个组件做了一些假定, 使用需要注意:

  • 基本界面类似 <select>, 有 选中/未选中 状态, 用 CSS hook 修改颜色
  • 打开菜单具体界面不在 Component 中控制, 要以 this.props.children 传入
  • 通过监听 window 的 click 事件关闭菜单, 注意不好截断


npm i --save react-lite-dropdown

Read src/main.jsx(compiles with Babel) for details:

import {default as React} from 'react';
import './demo.css';

import {default as LiteDropdown} from 'react-lite-dropdown';
import 'react-lite-dropdown/src/style.css'; // CSS if you need

var languages = 'CoffeeScript PureScript Elm CirruScript'.split(' ');

var App = React.createClass({
  displayName: 'page-app',
  getInitialState: function() {
    return {
      lang: undefined
  onItemClick: function(lang) {
    return this.setState({
      lang: lang
  renderLanguages: function() {
    var self = this;
    return {
      var onClick = function() {
        return self.onItemClick(lang);
      return <div key={lang} className={'item'} onClick={onClick}>{lang}</div>;
  render: function() {
    return <LiteDropdown
      defaultText={'Click to select one'}

var PageApp = React.createFactory(App);

var demo = document.querySelector('.demo');

React.render(PageApp(), demo);


npm i

You need a static file server for the HTML files. Personally I suggest using Nginx.


gulp html # regenerate index.html
webpack-dev-server --hot # enable live-reloading

Build (Pack and optimize js, reivision js and add entry in index.html):

gulp build