converts markdown files of a standard format into an interactive matrix view

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React Markdown-To-Matrix

This library creates an embeddable React application that will transform a specified markdown file into a matrix form, with H2s being turned into rows and H3s turned into columns. This also looks for differences between items and optionally highlights those differences.


Run yarn add react-markdown-to-matrix or npm install react-markdown-matrix to add to an existing React app.

You will then be able to use the <MarkdownToMatrix> component:

import { MarkdownToMatrix } from 'react-markdown-to-matrix';

export const App: React.FC = () => {
            enabledOptions={['diff', 'filters', 'displayMode', 'upload']}


There are a variety of configuration options available within the MarkdownToMatrix component:

Parameter Type Required? Description
enabledOptions string[] Required The options to enable in the sidebar (see below)
title string Optional The title to display in the sidebar
subtitle string Optional The subtitle to display in the sidebar
fileUrls string[] Optional If provided, the files to preload into the matrix view
customTheme Theme Optional Style overrides for colors and fonts
defaultMode 'matrix' 'list' Optional
renderHtml boolean Optional Set to true to render inline HTML within the loaded markdown
excludeHeaders string[] Optional Any H2s / H3s that shouldn't be parsed into headers can be specified here


There are four available options to enable or disable within the enabledOptions parameter.

  • 'upload' : allows users to upload their own markdown files to this view
  • 'filters' : allows users to hide rows or columns
  • 'diff' : allows users to view a diff view of elements in the grid
  • 'displayMode' : allows users to toggle between list and matrix view

If an empty string is provided, the sidebar is entirely hidden from the usesrs (which may be better for embedding). In this case, a set of urls for fileUrls must be provided.


You can update a variety of aspects about how the app displays through the properties on the customTheme parameter. All fields are optional. All colors are expected to be specified as six-digit hex colors, including the # at the beginning.

Theme Property Type Description
dark HexColor The dark color to use for the foregrouund
light HexColor The light color to use for the background
darkTheme HexColor A complementary dark color; used for the sidebar
lightTheme HexColor A complementary light color; used for hovers
bodyFont FontFamily The font to use for all body text
headerFont FontFamily The font to use for all header text
isDarkMode boolean If true, reverses when light and dark colors are used


The source for this library is avilable at You can see a working version of this library at