Bare router for React components, using props as query string

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Bare router for React components, using query string as props.

This route would render the Father component (see getComponentClass option), using the following props:

  eyes: 'blue',
  mood: 'happy'


var Router = require('react-minimal-router').Router;

var myRouter = new Router({
  // These props will be sent to all components loaded, and will be overridden
  // by the ones in the URL query string
  defaultProps: {
    fries: true
  // This is how the router maps component names to corresponding classes
  getComponentClass: function(name) {
    return require('components/' + name + '.jsx');
  // Tell React where to render in the DOM
  container: document.getElementById('content'),
  // Called whenever the route changes (also initially), receiving the parsed
  // params as the first argument
  onChange: function(params) {
    // E.g. Use the params to set a custom document.title

The router always sends a reference to itself to the rendered component through the router prop.

Changing the route

var stringifyParams = require('react-minimal-router').uri.stringifyParams;


render: function() {
  return <div className="serious-component">
    <a href={stringifyParams({lifeChangingProp: 1})}
       Click me por favor