Boilerplate-less Redux

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Beutiful boiler-plate-less Redux code.

What is a model?

A model is a combination of Redux action creators (thunks), asyncronuous effects (sagas) and reducers, combined in 'models' that approximate the classes of an object oriented development pattern. In other words, a model is the combination of all the Redux code concerned with manipulating one part of the store. A single model could handle, for instance, user authentication, a to-do-list, a shopping cart or anything else you can imagine.

Dynamic, HMR-powered, and transferrable

Models can be loaded and unloaded dynamically. They work with hot module reloading. They can easily be transfered between projects - for instance, you could write an auth module that can be used in all of your company's project.


In addition to the common Redux functions, react-models introduces Redux-aware subscriptions. Subscriptions are functions that watch something for changes. Common usages include watching for URL changes and dispatching Redux actions in response to them, listening to keyboard events, and listening to events.


npm install --save react-models


Please refer to the tests folder for examples and common usages.