Material UI v1 DataTable for comes with features like sort,search,export csv,pagination.more options comming soon...

Usage no npm install needed!

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Material UI DataTables for react MaterialUI ^v1 - react-mui-datatables

npm version

react-mui-datatables is table component for Material-UI V1. This version comes with search,export csv,sort,pagination,print. more options coming soon.stay with us...


npm install react-mui-datatables --save


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For a simple table:

import MuiDataTable from "react-mui-datatables";
import data from "./data";

class App extends Component {
    constructor(props) {

        App.handleClick = App.handleClick.bind(this);

    componentWillMount() {


    * This function for handle your action button click event 
    * if you add action button you can get your own key from array using below command
    * please add indexColumn key to options object.
    static handleClick(e) {
        /* Your code is here.alert is the example */
        alert("parent td#id: " +;

    render() {
        const columns = [
                label: "First Name", 
                key: "fname", /* this value is the your array object key.if you did't add this table is not working */
                sort: true  /* you can set column sort true / false as your own */
            { label: "Last Name", key: "lname", sort: true },
            { label: "Email", key: "email" },
            { label: "Gender", key: "gender" },
            { label: "Action", key: "action" }, /* <-- this is required if you using customAction */
        ]; /* <-- Table header columns. this is required */

        const action = <Button onClick={App.handleClick}>Action</Button>; /* <-- action button */

        const options = {
            hasIndex: true, /* <-- use numbers for rows*/
            customAction: action, /* <-- use action button for row */
            searchBox: true, /* <-- search true or false */
            csv: true, /* <-- csv download true or false */
            indexColumn: "fname" /* <-- add your data first unique column name for this like _id, i used fname because i don't have a _id field in my array */

        return (
                <MuiDataTable data={data} columns={columns} options={options} title={"User Data"} />



<MuiDataTable />

This component accepts the following props:

Name Type Description
title array Title used to caption table
columns array Columns use to describe the table.this display on the table head cells.This is required
data array Data is your data array.This is required
options object Options use to customize your table

Options: Use these as option object key.

Name Type Default Description
hasIndex bool false This is use for create column with your index for adding numbers for rows first column
customAction string You can add custom action button if you want.please add this as a component
searchBox bool true You can remove search box using this option
csv bool true You can remove csv download using this option
indexColumn string If add custom action button please set the indexColumn as your own array key.
printButton bool true You can disable print button using this.

Custom Styles

You can styles using material ui CreateMuiTheme function.


The files included in this repository are licensed under the MIT license.