Provides type-safety when loading modules registered inside React Native app

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Provides type-safety when loading modules registered inside React Native app


Run the following command from within your React Native project:

$ yarn add react-native app-registry-components-to-constants


$ react-native app-registry-components-to-constants --help

to verify it worked.

If you don't see this command as a part of your React Native CLI, make sure it's either a dependency or dev dependency of your project.

Integrating with Xcode

By default this command generates two files, RNConstants.h and RNConstants.m. The name can be changed by providing --name option when executing.

After running this command for the first time, make sure to add two newly created files to your project workspace. That makes it possible to include them in the compilation steps and access constants that are defined within.

Automating this process

By default, this command has to be run every time registered modules are changed. This can get a bit complicated, especially in the long-run. Alternatively, you can define a new Run Script Phase in your target Build Settings and run this script from there automatically before compiling.


  • Automatically link newly created files instead of letting users to do so manually
  • Support Android
  • Provide out-of-the-box solution for running from Xcode