Linking and unlinking of assets in your react-native app, works for fonts and sounds

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Link and unlink assets to your react-native project with ease!


  • react-native link only supports font files, this tool supports all assets.
  • Unlinking is automatic when you delete an asset, with react-native link, you need to unlink the files manually.
  • Proper link (and unlink) for mp3 (to use with react-native-sound) and ttf files.

Check out this starter-kit to use your assets with even more simplicity.


  • Install
    npm install -g react-native-asset
    # or yarn
    yarn global add react-native-asset
  • Add assets to your react-native.config.js as you would with react-native link
     "assets": [
  • Run the command and linking + unlinking is automatic!


With react-native link you have to unlink the files manually, which is hard work.
Instead this library writes link-assets-manifest.json to the root of android and ios folders to keep track of the files which it added, for later removing it for you if missing from your assets!


  • -p, --path - path to project, defaults to cwd.
  • -a, --assets - assets paths, for example react-native-asset -a ./src/font ./src/mp3.
  • -ios-a, --ios-assets - ios assets paths, will disable android linking
  • -android-a, --android-assets - android assets paths, will disable ios linking.
  • -n-u, --no-unlink - Not to unlink assets which not longer exists, not recommanded.

Backward compatability

  • to use react-native 0.59 and below, use version 1.1.4