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Bugsee is free crash and bug reporting with video, network and logs. Sign up for a service at This Native Module allows for an easy integration of the Bugsee SDK with React Native based application on iOS and Android.

Installation of react-native-bugsee module allows for a richer integration and brings the ability to further control Bugsee from within your Javascript code.

Supported SDK Versions

  • iOS : 1.27.4
  • Android : 1.20.0


For installation instructions, please refer to the documentation.


First, import Bugsee module into your javascript code:

import Bugsee from "react-native-bugsee";

User events

User events can be attached to the report, events are identified by a string and can have an optional dictionary of parameters that will be stored and passed along with the report.

// Without any additional parameters

// ...our with additional custom parameters
Bugsee.event("payment_processed", {
  amount: 125,
  currency: "USD",

User traces

User traces can be attached to the report, this may be useful when you want to trace how a specific variable or state changes over time right before the problem happens.

// Manually set value of 15 to property named "credit_balance"
// any time it changes
Bugsee.trace("credit_balance", 15);


You can use Bugsee logging interface directly, we provide two API functions for send a message to a log:

// With default log level (normal)
Bugsee.log("Some log message");

// Set the log level explicitly
// Levels are Bugsee.LogLevel.Error, Bugsee.LogLevel.Warning, Bugsee.LogLevel.Debug, Bugsee.LogLevel.Info, Bugsee.LogLevel.Verbose,
Bugsee.log("Some log message", Bugsee.LogLevel.Info);

Manual invocation

Trigger Report

In addition to detection of shake gesture or screenshot issue report view can be triggered programmatically from within your Cordova application:


Optionally you can pre-fill some fields (summary, description, severity, user will be able to modify them later.

// Bugsee.showReportDialog(summary, description, severity)
  "Problem summary",
  "Further description",

Upload from code

User doesn't have to be involved, you can also generate and upload a report automatically from your code.

// Bugsee.assert(summary, description, severity)
  "Problem summary",
  "Further description",

Bugsee can be further customized. For a complete SDK documentation covering additional options and API's visit