Circular Carousel component for React Native

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  import reactNativeCircularCarousel from '';


React Native Circular Carousal

Circular Carousal for use on iOS and Android.


Open a Terminal in your project's folder and run,

yarn add react-native-circular-carousal
npm install --save react-native-circular-carousal


import CircularCarousal from  'react-native-circular-carousal';

const dataSource = [
  {name: 'Ahmed'},
  {name: 'Ali'},
  {name: 'Umar'},
  {name: 'Bilal'}

    style={{ width: 350 }}
    renderItem={(data) => <CarousalItem data={data} />}


Prop Type Description
dataSource* Array Items datasource
dropAreaLayout Object: { height, width, x, y } Layout of component where carousal items are going to be dropped
renderItem (data) => Component Render a single carousal item component
onItemPress (index) => void This handler function is called when front carousal item is tapped.
onItemDrop (index) => void This handler function is called when carousal item is dropped upon Drop Area.
style Object: { width, height } Styles given to container component. Default: { width: 350, height: 200 }
itemStyle Object: { width, height } Styles given to a carousal item component. Default: { width: 110, height: 120 }

**Provide correct styles as these are used in arranging items in circle.

Thanks to contributors: