A simple react-native cli plugin to bump versions at platform files

Usage no npm install needed!

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A simple react-native cli plugin to bump versions at platform files


npm i --save-dev react-native-cli-bump-version

yarn add -D react-native-cli-bump-version


Since this is a react-native cli plugin, after adding it to the project you can call:

npx react-native bump-version --type patch

That should produce this:

iOS project.pbxproj code: 24 -> 25
Android build.gradle code: 23 -> 24
iOS project.pbxproj version: 1.10.6 -> 1.10.7
Android version: 1.10.6 -> 1.10.7
package.json: 1.10.6 -> 1.10.7

The plugin updates and write the output listed files, and it's up to you to commit them.

Tip: I usually create a script entry for the command, since it tends to be long:

    "scripts": {
        "bump": "npx react-native bump-version --skip-semver-for android"

That way you can invoke it like: yarn bump --type patch


Just ask for help:

npx react-native bump-version --help

  --type [major|minor|patch]           SemVer release type, optional if --skip-semver-for all is passed
  --skip-semver-for [android|ios|all]  Skips bump SemVer for specified platform
  --skip-code-for [android|ios|all]    Skips bump version codes for specified platform
  --semver                             Pass release version if known. Overwrites calculated SemVer. Optional.
  -h, --help                           output usage information


Use gradle for SemVer sync

Android can handle automatically semantic version sync with package.json:

import groovy.json.JsonSlurper

def getNpmVersion() {
    def inputFile = file("$rootDir/../package.json")
    def jsonPackage = new JsonSlurper().parseText(inputFile.text)

    return jsonPackage["version"]

android {
  defaultConfig {
        applicationId "com.example"
        minSdkVersion rootProject.ext.minSdkVersion
        targetSdkVersion rootProject.ext.targetSdkVersion
        versionCode 25
        versionName getNpmVersion()

Note: with this you should pass --skip-semver-for android, otherwise the cli will break.


I've choosen to remove the Info.plist manipulation as it was not needed if it uses the MARKETING_VERSION env var, so be sure that your project/xcode is updated and that the Info.plist file has MARKETING_VERSION instead of SemVer string:



I tried to find a tool that did this before starting it:

  • rnbv inspired my initial sources
  • react-native-version actually does what I was looking for, but I already had written the tool, so I just published it anyway.