react native component for display console messages.

Usage no npm install needed!

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React Native Console Panel

A Simple debug panel component to view console message right inside the app.
This will be helpful during your react native development. This is a pure react native component ,you can use it in both ios and android .

Xcode / Android Studio is not a must for React Native app development.
RN developers can simplify tool chain with this component when coding javascript only.
You don't have to open any of Xcode , Android Studio or Chrome dev console for viewing js console message. A javascript editor and a emulator/device are all you need.


Install from npm :

npm install --save react-native-console-panel

Integrate into your app:

//import the component
var ConsolePanel = require('react-native-console-panel').displayWhenDev();
    return (
        <View style={styles.container}>
            <TouchableHighlight style={styles.btn} onPress={this._onPressButton}>
            Hit me!
            //Panel will float above your content
            //use top,left to control panel's position 
  • displayWhenDev() will return the component or null accroding __DEV__ flag
  • displayIgnoreDevVariable() ignore __DEV__ variable


The react-native add a 'Yellowbox' in v0.16(not release yet) for showing warn/error messages.This module disable that by default. If you want to keep both yellowbox and console ,you should import like this require('react-native-console-panel/keep-yellowbox').

Now, when you use 'console' to print something , it will be like this:

Avaiable props:

        limit:React.PropTypes.number,//message limit number
        open:React.PropTypes.bool,//is open when mounted


  • Count unread log when panel is closing
  • 'clear' button
  • System infomation shapshot
  • Better looking?
  • ...

I'm new to Javascript .So any pull request is welcomed!