Use native context menu views from React Native

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  import reactNativeContextMenuView from '';



Use native context menu functionality from React Native. On iOS 13+ this uses UIMenu functionality, and on Android it uses a PopUpMenu.

On iOS 12 and below, nothing happens. You may wish to do a Platform.OS === 'ios' && parseInt(Platform.Version, 10) <= 12 check, and add your own onLongPress handler.

Getting started

$ npm install react-native-context-menu-view --save

Mostly automatic installation

cd ios/
pod install


import ContextMenu from "react-native-context-menu-view";

const Example = () => {
  return (
      actions={[{ title: "Title 1" }, { title: "Title 2" }]}
      onPress={(e) => {
          `Pressed ${} at index ${e.nativeEvent.index}`
      <View style={styles.yourOwnStyles} />

See example/ for basic usage.



Optional. The title above the popup menu.


Array of { title: string, systemIcon?: string, destructive?: boolean, disabled?: boolean, inlineChildren?: boolean, children?: Array<ContextMenuAction> }.

System icon refers to an icon name within SF Symbols.

Destructive items are rendered in red on iOS, and unchanged on Android.

Nested menus are supported on iOS only and result in nested UIMenu which can be optionally displayed inline.


Optional. When the popup is opened and the user picks an option. Called with { nativeEvent: { index, name } }. When a nested action is selected the top level parent index is used for the callback.


Optional. When the popop is opened and the user cancels.


Optional. The background color of the preview. This is displayed underneath your view. Set this to transparent (or another color) if the default causes issues.