A chat library and UI components for react native.

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A customizable, fast and easy react native chat module.

Gitter chat


yarn add react-native-converse or npm, i --save react-native-converse.


Here's an extended example of how you could use the module. Extended documentation will follow in the near future.

Note: generally you'd get the messages from a a redux store for example. The following snippet is just to illustrate usage.

import React, { Component } from 'react';

class ChatScreen extends Component {
  render() {
    const props = {
      user               : 1,    // Active user
      animated           : true, // Animate new messages
      onSubmit           : text => this.onSubmit(text),
      inputPlaceholder   : 'Type a message...',
      messageHydrator    : message => this.hydrateMessage(message),
      participantHydrator: participant => this.hydrateParticipant(participant),
      participants       : [
        {id: 1, displayName: 'RWOverdijk', avatar: ''},
        {id: 2, displayName: 'Somebody', avatar: ''},
      messages           : [
        {id: 1, author: 1, createdAt: new Date, content: `Hey! What's up!?`},
        {id: 2, author: 2, createdAt: new Date, content: `Your face is up`}

    return <Chat {...props} theme={theme} />;

   * Dispatch an event or something here.
  onSubmit(text) {
    // ...

   * Use this method to return the message object-structure as desired by the module.
   * This method makes it easier to use your own data format.
  hydrateMessage({uuid, author, created, text}) {
    return {
      id         : uuid,
      createdAt  : created,
      content    : text

   * Use this method to return the participant object-structure as desired by the module.
   * This method makes it easier to use your own data format.
  hydrateParticipant({uuid, username, profile}) {
    return {id: uuid, displayName: username, avatar: profile.avatar};

// Note: These are the defaults.
const theme = {
  chat: {
    backgroundColor: '#d4e2e3'
  messageInput: {
    sendIcon: images.paperPlane,
    sendIconActive: images.paperPlaneActive,
    addIcon: images.add,
  bubble: {
    fontSize: 14,

    outgoing: {
      backgroundColor: '#6585E8',
      textColor      : '#fff'

    incoming: {
      backgroundColor: '#fff',
      textColor      : '#222222'

    timestamp: {
      fontSize: 10

State of the module

This module is currently usable, ish, if your intentions are to just implement a chat with your own styling. If your intentions are to implement a lot of custom features, this module isn't for you. Yet. This module is actively being developed and will offer a lot more flexibility and features.

Soon. For realsies.


While working on this module, the following values have been and will be kept in mind.

  • Performance. Some components are limited in customization purely for the sake of performance.
  • Performance again. Seriously, the chat should be as slick as possible.
  • Cater to the majority. The components are designed around most common use.
  • Extensible. Add what you need in a uniform way.


  • Document bubble types.
  • Document custom renderers.
  • Add more bubble types.
  • Allow for more customization.
  • Custom animations.
  • Implement attachment features.
  • Implement toggle for feature button.
  • Avatars.
  • Plugins and message types.
  • Add more default message types.
  • Documentation besides example.
  • Add play-mode, adding messages with a customizable interval.