implementation of crypto for React Native

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Note: this module is a clone of crypto-browserify, with randombytes replaced. When React Native begins to support the "react-native" keyword in package.json, this module may go away

A port of node's crypto module to React Native.


Because this module depends on some node core modules, and react-native doesn't currently have a resolve.alias a la webpack, you will need to use rn-nodeify for your shimming needs.

A suggested workflow:

  1. Install
npm i --save react-native-crypto
# install peer deps
npm i --save react-native-randombytes
react-native link react-native-randombytes
# install latest rn-nodeify
npm i --save-dev tradle/rn-nodeify
# install node core shims and recursively hack package.json files
# in ./node_modules to add/update the "browser"/"react-native" field with relevant mappings
./node_modules/.bin/rn-nodeify --hack --install
  1. rn-nodeify will create a shim.js in the project root directory
// index.ios.js or
// make sure you use `import` and not require!  
import './shim.js'
import crypto from 'crypto'
// ...the rest of your code

the crypto in this box

What follows is unedited text from crypto-browserify

The goal of this module is to reimplement node's crypto module so that it can run in react-native supported environments.

Here is the subset that is currently implemented:

  • createHash (sha1, sha224, sha256, sha384, sha512, md5, rmd160)
  • createHmac (sha1, sha224, sha256, sha384, sha512, md5, rmd160)
  • pbkdf2
  • pbkdf2Sync
  • randomBytes
  • pseudoRandomBytes
  • createCipher (aes)
  • createDecipher (aes)
  • createDiffieHellman
  • createSign (rsa, ecdsa)
  • createVerify (rsa, ecdsa)
  • createECDH (secp256k1)
  • publicEncrypt/privateDecrypt (rsa)
  • randomFillSync
  • randomFill


these features from node's crypto are still unimplemented.

  • createCredentials

these features would benefit from native implementations

  • pbkdf2
  • createSign
  • createVerify
  • createECDH
  • publicEncrypto/privateDecrypt (rsa)


If you are interested in writing a feature, please implement as a new module, which will be incorporated into crypto-browserify as a dependency.

All deps must be compatible with node's crypto (generate example inputs and outputs with node, and save base64 strings inside JSON, so that tests can run in the browser. see sha.js

Crypto is extra serious so please do not hesitate to review the code, and post comments if you do.