React Native button with glitch display effect inspired by cyberpunk 2077 game webpage

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<script type="module">
  import reactNativeCyberpunkButton from '';



Button with glitch display effect inspired by cyberpunk 2077 game webpage. Button is styled to resemble component on cyberpunk web page. Button component is highly customisable. You can change animation params, button and text style.


Install module:

npm install --save react-native-cyberpunk-button


yarn add react-native-cyberpunk-button

Import button and use it in your app:

import CyberButton from 'react-native-cyberpunk-button';

export default function App() {
  const btnRef = useRef();

  return (

        <Text>autoplay animation:</Text>
        <CyberButton label="cyberpunk_" />

        <Text>Button with animation activated onPress:</Text>
        <TouchableOpacity onPress={() => btnRef.current.animate()}>

CyberButton props

Props Type Description Default
buttonHeight Integer Height of the button. 80
label string Button text. ''
mainColor string Button background. #ff003c
shadowColor string Glitch effect shadow and borders. #add8e6
disableAutoAnimation boolean Disable animation autoplay. false
glitchDuration number Duration of glitch animation (lower value means faster blinking). 1500
glitchAmplitude number Size of horizontal (X axis) glitch swing. 5
repeatDelay number Delay before animation auto replay. 2000
labelContainerStyle object Styles to be applied to label container.
labelTextStyle object Styles to be applied to label text component.

Default label container style:

  height: buttonHeight,
  paddingRight: buttonHeight /  2,
  paddingLeft: buttonHeight / 4,
  borderColor: shadowColor,
  backgroundColor: mainColor,
  borderRightWidth: 2,
  alignItems: 'center',
  justifyContent: 'center',

Default label text style:

  color: '#ffffff',
  fontWeight: 'bold',
  letterSpacing: 3,
  fontSize: buttonHeight / 2.5

CyberButton instance methods

animate - will trigger single glitch animation. Useful with disableAutoAnimation prop.

React Native Epicode Academy

This package is a part of React Native Epicode Academy YouTube series.