A react native runtime testing framework

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  import reactNativeDiagnose from '';



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A react runtime diagnose component


  • Testing native applications is complicated
  • There are features that can only be tested on a device, unless mocked
  • You may want to test your app on a production build, before submit it to the stores
import { Diagnose, Test } from 'react-diagnose'

 * Diagnose will run all test components inside
 * Test components are going to be marked visually as completed or not
 * to d
return (
  <Diagnose suiteTitle="Diagnose">
    <Test should="Passing test" />
    <Test should="Unfinished test" run={() => {
      return new Promise(() => setTimeout(() => {}, 1000000))
    }} />
    <Test should="Failed test" run={() => {throw new Error('Failing test')}} />
    <Test should="Dummy test" />
demo screenshot

Help wanted

  • Elapsed time
  • Before all
  • Before each
  • After each
  • After all

More documentation is incoming, in the meanwhile please read the source code. It is a single file! PRs and issues are more than welcome.

works with yeti

 This package powers Yeti Smart Home and is used in production.

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