Simple emoji picker for react-native

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  import reactNativeEmojiPickerStaltz from '';


Emoji picker for React Native

Forked from yonahforst/react-native-emoji-picker

The changes made from react-native-emoji-picker to react-native-emoji-picker-staltz are:

  • Supports rows: number prop to specify number of rows used in the layout
  • Supports only the modal-looking overlay
  • Supports onPressOutside prop
  • Supports customizing the names of the categories, with the prop localizedCategories
  • Supports several styling props:
    • modalStyle
    • backgroundStyle
    • containerStyle
    • scrollStyle
    • headerStyle
    • clearButtonStyle
  • Updated emoji-datasource to the latest version
  • Implemented with FlatList, not a ScrollView with setTimeout hacks (this caused bugs with touchables)
  • Implemented in TypeScript (so that a .d.ts file is provided)
  • Calculates Android support (of each emoji) differently, based on the Android OS version and the "added_in" property of an Emoji
  • Does not depend on the entire Lodash, depends on just 3 specific Lodash utils
  • Does not depend on prop-types


npm install --save react-native-emoji-picker-staltz


This component is designed to be the only child of a <Modal> component, in full screen.

import EmojiPicker from 'react-native-emoji-picker-staltz';

class Main extends React.Component {
  _emojiSelected(emoji) {

  render() {
    return (
      <View style={styles.container}>
        <Modal visible={true} transparent={true}>
            localizedCategories={[ // Always in this order:
              'Smileys and emotion',
              'People and body',
              'Animals and nature',
              'Food and drink',
              'Travel and places',


type Props = {
  onEmojiSelected: (e: string | null) => void;
  onPressOutside?: () => void;
  rows?: number;
  localizedCategories?: Array<string>;
  hideClearButton?: boolean;
  emojiSize?: number;
  modalStyle?: ViewStyle;
  backgroundStyle?: ViewStyle;
  containerStyle?: ViewStyle;
  scrollStyle?: ViewStyle;
  headerStyle?: TextStyle;
  clearButtonStyle?: ViewStyle;
  clearButtonText?: string;


Copyright (c) 2016 Yonah Forst

Modifications: Copyright (c) 2020 Andre 'Staltz' Medeiros