React Native bridge for Ensighten's Native iOS and Android libraries.

Usage no npm install needed!

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React Native Ensighten Module

Getting started

$ npm install react-native-ensighten --save

For iOS

$ cd ios
$ pod install

Special Note: Due to a current issue with Xcode where swift support is not enabled when adding a React Native library using swift code you may need to take the following steps if your build fails (Ignore if you've already added any native swift code to your project):

  • Open the .xcworkspace file in your project's "ios" directory
  • Go to File > New > File...
  • Select "Swift File" and give it any name
  • When prompted select "Add bridging header"
  • Rebuild project

For Android

$ cd android
$ ./gradlew build


import Ensighten from 'react-native-ensighten';

// In the entry point of your app
Ensighten.bootstap("<account_id>", "<app_id>");

Tracking Page Views

componentDidMount() {
    Ensighten.trackPageView("Product Detail Page", { productId: "12345", productName: "Apple iMac" });

Tracking Events

    title="Add to Cart"
    onPress={() => Ensighten.trackEvent("Add to Cart", { productId: "12345", productName: "Apple iMac" }) };

Tracking Conversions

    title="Add Promotion to Cart"
    onPress={() => Ensighten.trackEvent("Add Promotion to Cart", { promotionId : "123", promotionName: "Buy an Apple iMac, Get an iPhone 8 50% Off", itemPrice: "$1648.50" }) };