iOS FBSDKCoreKit support for React Native apps.

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A wrapper around the functionality from FBSDKCoreKit in the iOS Facebook SDK, supporting graph requests, app events, etc.


Graph Requests

var FBSDKCore = require('react-native-fbsdkcore');
var {
} = FBSDKCore;

// ...

// Create a graph request asking for friends with a callback to handle the response.
var fetchFriendsRequest = new FBSDKGraphRequest((error, result) => {
  if (error) {
    alert('Error making request.');
  } else {
    // Data from request is in result
}, '/me/friends');
// Start the graph request.

// ...

App events

var FBSDKCore = require('react-native-fbsdkcore');
var {
} = FBSDKCore;

// ...

// Log a $15 purchase.
FBSDKAppEvents.logPurchase(15, 'USD', null, null)

// ...

Sample App

A sample app is available from the GitHub repository for React Native FBSDK.


Run npm install --save react-native-fbsdkcore to add the package to your app's dependencies.

You'll then also have to add the native iOS code to your app's Xcode project:

  • Download and install the Facebook SDK for iOS. The Xcode project assumes that it's installed in the standard location at ~/Documents/FacebookSDK.
  • Follow the Getting Started guide to link your project with the Facebook SDK frameworks and set up the app delegate. FBSDKCoreKit.framework must be added to your app's Xcode project.
  • Add RCTFBSDKCore.xcodeproj from node_modules/react-native-fbsdkcore to your app's Xcode project. Follow the Linking Libraries (iOS) guide to make sure it's added correctly to your project's build targets.


Alternatively, CocoaPods can automatically maintain the native iOS code within your Xcode project. To use CocoaPods, create a PodFile like this in your app's project directory:

source ''
pod 'React', :subspecs => ['Core', 'RCTImage', 'RCTNetwork', 'RCTText', 'RCTWebSocket'], :path => 'node_modules/react-native'
pod 'react-native-fbsdkcore', :path => 'node_modules/react-native-fbsdkcore'

Now run pod install. This will automatically download the Facebook SDK for iOS and create an Xcode workspace containing all native files. From now on open YourApp.xcworkspace instead of YourApp.xcodeproject in Xcode. Because React Native's iOS code is now pulled in via CocoaPods, you also need to remove the React, RCTImage, etc. subprojects from your app's Xcode project.

Follow the Getting Started guide to set up a Facebook app, configure your Xcode project, and set up the app delegate. You can skip the steps that talk about downloading and linking the Facebook SDK frameworks -- that's already taken care of by CocoaPods.


See the LICENSE file.

Platform Policy

Developers looking to integrate with the Facebook Platform should familiarize themselves with the Facebook Platform Policy.