Modal component that provides the ability to hide

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Modal component that provides the ability to hide


This library is based on the latest react-native version and uses the react-native-community/async-storage

Therefore, the following procedure is required to use this library.

  1. link react-native-community/async-storage Go to Guide

  2. install node_moduels using npm or yarn

      npm install react-native-hide-modal --save
      yarn add react-native-hide-modal


type default required desc
children component undefined ✔️ Your modal component with check option
id string undefined ✔️ It is used as a key value to distinguish the modal. And all key values must be unique (important)
modalProps object undefined RN's modal property except for visible
Official document
modalVisible boolean false ✔️ Basically, determine if modal is visible or not
hideChecked boolean false ✔️ Indicates whether the user checked the checkbox. Module does not work if the prop doesn't pass properly
invisibleDuration number null Assuming the data is set, decide how long to hide the modal. Modal is not visible permanently unless you pass the duration (millisecond)


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Link (only code)


heyman333, Frontend Developer interested in React.js & React-Native


  • define index.d.ts file
  • make react-hide-modal(web version using React.js)
  • set circle ci