Rename react-native app with just one command

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Rename react-native app with just one command


This package assumes that you created your react-native project using react-native init.

Note: This package does not attempt to properly rename build artifacts such as ios/build or Cocoa Pod installation targets. After renaming your project you should clean, build, and reinstall third party dependencies to get it running properly with the new name.


$ npx react-native-rename <newName>

With custom Bundle Identifier (Android only. For iOS, please use Xcode)

$ npx react-native-rename <newName> -b <bundleIdentifier>


First, Switch to new branch (optional but recommended)
$ git checkout -b rename-app
Then, Rename your app
$ npx react-native-rename "Travel App"

With custom Bundle Identifier

$ npx react-native-rename "Travel App" -b com.junedomingo.travelapp

Local installation

With Yarn:

$ yarn global add react-native-rename

With npm:

$ npm install react-native-rename -g