A boilerplate app header for your projects, with navigation and login / logout

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A generic boostrap header with brand link, nav links and auth logout built in. Intended for use with react-redux-router and react-redux-auth0.

Run with your Auth0 credentials to see the login / signup / logout stuff working. You will see app routes after login.

AUTH0_CLIENTID=client-id AUTH0_DOMAIN=client-domain npm run development


  • You can pass appTitle to customize the app name that shows.
  • brandLink updates the link for appTitle
  • 'addtlComponent' allows you to pass an additional component for any other header needs
  • routes is a list of routes that will be used to build the nav, formatted such as [{path: '/foo', text: 'Foo', navItemComponent: <CustomNavItemComponent icon='' /> }]