Built on top of react-redux, remove all boilerplate code and keep the best part of react-redux

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import reactReduxAuto from '';



Override some react-redux functions to auto-generate, connect, dispatch store, state ...

- No more actions, actions creator, just use the direct name of reducer
- No more: action, type ... just create a reducer with first param: state, followed by other args
- No more dispatch, no more mapStateToProps ... just use listen for re-render when state changed
- Full compatible with React-redux so we can use Redux debug tool for debugging

Example of usage:

// store.js
let todoReducers = {
  addTodo: (state, todo) => [...state, todo],
  asyncAdd: async (state, todo) => {
      await setTimeout(() => (), 1000);
      return [...state, todo];

let appStore = {
  todos: {reducers: todoReducers, default: {}},

const $store = createAutoReduxStore(appStore);
let [$store, _reduxStore] = createAutoReduxStore(appStore);
export var reduxStore = _reduxStore;

// index.js
import {reduxStore} from './store';

<Provider store={reduxStore}>

// Todo.js
import {listen} from "../react-redux-auto";

class Todo extends React.Component {
  render() {
      return <button onClick={$store.todos.asyncAdd('New task')}>
          {$ => <div>{todo}</div>)}

export default listen(todos)(Todo);