Get your react + redux components off the ground faster

Usage no npm install needed!

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This project was borne out of the need to quickly spin up a new environment for authoring React + Redux components.

The hope is that you can essentially run npm install && npm run development and have a work panel with hot reloading for building your component interactively.

react, webpack, and redux are all used. Running npm run development starts a webpack dev server, and you can get to work building out your component!

When you're ready to run tests, you can run npm test.

If you want to customize the project to point at your github / npm repo, just customize this readme, and run...

PROJECT_NAME=foo-bar PROJECT_DESCRIPTION='A really cool project' GITHUB_USERNAME=foo AUTHOR_NAME="Calvin Froedge" npm run customize

Important Commands

npm test

Run tests (files in test folder named TESTNAME.spec.js) using mocha / expect.

npm build

Builds for es, commonjs, umd. This is ignored in git, but will be included in npm package.

npm run development

Starts the dev server. Go to localhost:3000 to see your new component with live reload. You can pass PORT environment variable to customize this.