A stand-alone react component for adding accessible easy-to-use bootstrap Tabs to your project.

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React Simple Tabs Component

A simple react component for adding accessible easy-to-use Tabs to your project.

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# npm
npm i react-simple-tabs-component

# Yarn
yarn add react-simple-tabs-component


import { Tabs } from 'react-simple-tabs-component'
// (Optional) if you don't want to include bootstrap css stylesheet
import 'react-simple-tabs-component/dist/index.css'

// Component Example
const TabOne = () => {
  return (
      <h3>Tab One</h3>
        Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Perferendis sint illum iusto nostrum cumque qui
        voluptas tenetur inventore ut quis?

// Tabs structure Array
const tabs = [
    label: 'Tab One', // Tab Title - String
    Component: TabOne // Tab Body - JSX.Element
    label: 'Tab Two',
    Component: TabTwo
    label: 'Tab Three',
    Component: TabThree

export default function App() {
  return (
    <div className='App'>

      <Tabs tabs={tabs} /* Props */ />

Available Props

Prop Type Options Description Default
tabs Array of objects Required Array of objects for your Tabs -
orientation String Optional Tab orientation horizontal - vertical horizontal
type String Optional Tabs type tabs - pills tabs
className String Optional A className applied to the main div bootstrap-tabs-component


The Component is based on Bootstrap 5 HTML structure and CSS classes so it will work out of the box if Bootstrap 5 css stylesheet is already included in you project. If you don't have/want to include Bootstrap, you still can use a standalone css stylesheet which was extracted form bootstrap 5 stylesheet. Just add it:

import 'react-simple-tabs-component/dist/index.css'

Edit react-typescript-tabs (forked)


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