A form generator using React and the Model-View-Update architecture

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React Stateless Form

Front end applications evolved very fast over the last years, taking advantage of the advancements happening in the JavaScript world (CommonJS, ES6, ...). More recently, unidirectional data flow architectures proved their efficiency for handling user actions on the client-side. A non-exhaustive but really intresting overview of these kind of patterns was done by André Staltz: Unidirectional User Interface Architectures.

Using React, and having a weakness for functional programming concepts, I would like to dive deeper into one of this patterns and test the Model-View-Update architecture aka "The Elm Architecture" that could perfectly handles user actions using only React 0.14 stateless function components.


It's up on Github Pages.

You can also

git clone
cd react-stateless-form
npm install
npm start
open http://localhost:3000