Simple react imte picker input

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import reactTimePickerInput from '';



Simple and light time picker for React app. No moment.js needed


npm install react-time-picker-input
yarn add react-time-picker-input

Import Component

import TimePicker from 'react-time-picker-input'

Import Styles

import "react-time-picker-input/dist/components/TimeInput.css"


See Demo


Here's an example of basic usage:

import React, { useState } from 'react';
import TimePicker from 'react-time-picker-input';

function TimePickerTest() {
const [value, setValue] = useState('10:00');

    return (



PropName Type default description
onChange function (date)=>{} It fires every time that time is valid (minute hour exists) and returns date parameter which is date in string 24 hour format
onChangeEveryFormat function (date)=>{} Similar to onChange but it can be used when allowDelete is true to get every value no matter if it is valid
value String "- -" Defines default value of TimePicker. Required format ("HH:mm") ex("22:04") -> always 24Hour format
hour12Format boolean false make it true to make input 12HourFormat support see on demo example
allowDelete boolean false make it true if you want to allow user to delete fields (hour and minutes) using Backspace
disabled boolean false make it true if you want to block user editting (no change on input can happen and cursor is turned to disabled)
eachInputDropdown boolean false make it true if you want to activate drodpown for each input (default is automatically not manually managed)
manuallyDisplayDropdown boolean false make it true if use eachInputDropdown prop to turn each dropdown to manually controlled mode
fullTimeDropdown boolean false make it true if you want to activate full dropdown time see demo

Custom styling

If Default styles not applied :

Download and import on desired location :

Default Styles File

Edit Style for Desktop:

Input wrapper

.react-time-input-picker {
  // css code here

Hour input :

.react-time-input-picker #react-time-input-picker__hourInput {
  // css code here

Minute input :

.react-time-input-picker input#react-time-input-picker__minuteInput {
  // css code here

AmPm input :

.react-time-input-picker input#react-time-input-picker__amPm {
  // css code here

Focus style:

.react-time-input-picker input:focus {
  // css code here
.react-time-input-picker input(//inputSelector):focus
  // css code here

Edit Styles on Mobile :

Input wrapper

.input-time-mobile {
  // css here