Hook to easily access ARK blockchain Ѧ API in React application

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React hook to easily access ARK blockchain Ѧ API.


ARK API documentation.

ARK blockchain explorer official website.

Official ARK client SDK for TypeScript.


Live demo & Code examples created with React DemoTab 📑


  • npm npm install react-use-ark
  • yarn yarn add react-use-ark


Simply import ARK hooks that you wish to fetch data in your React application.
Each hook:

  • starts with a resource name as 'useTransactions...', 'useBlocks...', 'useDelegates...', 'useWallets...'.
  • always returns the same state object { response, isLoading, error } where response type is defined to easily access it's properties.
  • accepts fetchOnMount boolean argument, which can be used as an utility to cover common pattern of data fetching when component mounts.
  • accepts network argument which is an enumeration object 'DEVNET | MAINNET | TESTNET' or user defined string (localhost). Set it appropriately to your needs, depending on running relay.
import React from 'react';
import { useTransactionsLatest } from 'react-use-ark';

const App = () => {
  // Get 20 latest transactions when App component mounts.
  const [{ response, isLoading, error }] = useTransactionsLatest(1, 20, true);
  return (
      {isLoading && <div>Loading...</div>}
      {error && <div>Error fetching data: {error}</div>}
      {response && (
          { => (
            <li key={}>
              <div>Amount: {transaction.amount}</div>
              <div>Fee: {transaction.fee}</div>
              <div>Sender: {transaction.sender}</div>
              <div>Recipient: {transaction.recipient}</div>
              <div>Block ID: {transaction.blockId}</div>
              <div>Confirmations: {transaction.confirmations}</div>

ReactDOM.render(<App />, document.getElementById('root'));


Easily set up a local development environment!

Build all the examples and starts storybook server on localhost:9009:

  • clone
  • npm install
  • npm start


Clone this repo on your machine, navigate to its location in the terminal and run:

npm install
npm link # link your local repo to your global packages
npm run build:watch # build the files and watch for changes

Clone project repo that you wish to test with react-use-ark library and run:

npm install
npm link react-use-ark # link your local copy into this project's node_modules
npm start

Start coding! 🎉


There are many endpoints to cover and hooks to be created, all contributions are welcome!