Interface for react-with-styles outputting CSS

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Interface for react-with-styles that compiles CSS-in-js styles to static CSS classes with deterministic and human-friendly class names whose styles can be easily overridden.



A react-with-styles interface which is to be used along with react-with-styles.

import ThemedStyleSheet from 'react-with-styles/lib/ThemedStyleSheet';
import CSSInterface, { registerCSSInterfaceNamespace } from 'react-with-styles-interface-css';


// Optional: Prefix all class names in the output with 'MyPackageName__'
const namespace = 'MyPackageName';


When writing styles, all classes throughout a project should be given unique names. Otherwise, class name collisions may result in unexpected and unwanted behavior.

Overriding styles

The styles for a class can be overridden using the same name with which the class was defined. If the optional class name prefix was configured, the prefix should be used when overriding a class.

Note: In order to provide compatibility with aphrodite, the CSS output by this interface uses specifiers with varying levels of specificity. This allows for style resolution to be sensitive to the ordering of styles in calls to css(...). However, these extra specifiers should not be overridden.


The styles passed to withStyles in the source code are compiled to static CSS by the react-with-styles-interface-css-compiler package.