Build step package for generating a static css file to support a react-with-styles project built with the react-with-styles CSS interface

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Compiler for react-with-styles-interface-css that compiles CSS-in-js styles to generate a static CSS file.



The styles passed to withStyles in the source code are compiled to static CSS by the compileCSS function shown below. For convenience, a CLI wrapping compileCSS is provided.

Compile via CLI

Compile styles to CSS using the compile-css CLI.

  • Expects a relative or absolute path to the entry point source file of a React application
  • Automatically compiles the source file and its imported dependencies on the fly using the babel configuration present in the project if one exists
  • Outputs a stylesheet.css file containing the compiled CSS in the current working directory
Run the CLI via npm script (preferred):
  "scripts": {
    "build:css": "compile-css src/App.jsx"
npm run build:css
Run the CLI directly:
./node_modules/.bin/compile-css src/App.jsx

Compile via library function

import compileCSS from 'react-with-styles-interface-css-compiler';

const entryPointFilePath = 'src/App.jsx';
// CSS is the minified CSS output
const CSS = compileCSS(entryPointFilePath);