Yandex.Maps API bindings for React

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Yandex.Maps JS API bindings for React


You can find the documentation at


Feel free to submit issues and/or PRs if you found bugs 🐞 or have some features in mind! The documentation improvements will be super appreciated, if you feel that docs are lacking in some places 📝👩‍🔬

Developing locally (Quick Start)

If you want to work on the library locally:

  1. Fork this repository and clone your version of the repo
  2. Install npm dependencies
npm install
  1. Start library build in the watch mode. This command will start microbundle in watch mode, meaning that everytime you make changes to the source of the library it will be compiled to dist folder
npm run dev
  1. Install documentation dependencies
cd docs && npm install
  1. Start docs server locally
npm run dev

If everything went well, you now have documentation running on http://localhost:3000

You can find special sandbox page on http://localhost:3000/sandbox

Now you can make changes to the library and see them applied to the sandbox in real time.

When you commit changes, eslint will make sure that there are no linting errors and prettier will format your code based on the repo settings.

When you push changes, jest will run a set of unit tests to make sure that all of them are passing.




Thanks to all contributors for help with supporting the library

Thanks to @effrenus and his yandex-map-react for inspiring this library