Medium's like reading time estimation.

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Medium's like reading time estimation.

reading-time helps you estimate how long an article will take to read. It works perfectly with plain text, but also with markdown or html.

Note that it's focused on performance and simplicity, so the number of words it will extract from other formats than plain text can vary a little. But this is an estimation right?


npm install reading-time --production



const readingTime = require('reading-time');

const stats = readingTime(text);
// ->
// stats: {
//   text: '1 min read',
//   minutes: 1,
//   time: 60000,
//   words: 200
// }


const readingTime = require('reading-time/stream');

  .on('data', stats => {
    // ...


readingTime(text, options?)

  • text: the text to analyze
  • options (optional)
    • options.wordsPerMinute: (optional) the words per minute an average reader can read (default: 200)
    • options.wordBound: (optional) a function that returns a boolean value depending on if a character is considered as a word bound (default: spaces, new lines and tabulations)

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