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ReasonReact - ReasonML / BuckleScript bindings for React.js

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ReasonReact is a safer, simpler way to build React components. You get a great type system with an even better developer experience. Why choose ReasonReact? Read more here

ReasonReact is just React.js under the hood. This makes it super easy to integrate with your current Next.js, Create React App, JavaScript, Flowtype or TypeScript project. Learn more about getting started here

Watch Ricky Vetter's Reason Conf talk, "Why React is Just Better in Reason" to learn more about how Facebook & Messenger are using ReasonReact

Watch Jordan Walke's Reason Conf talk, "React to the Future" to learn more about the future of ReasonML and React


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let make = (~name) => <h1> {React.string("Hello " ++ name)} </h1>

See all of our examples here. For a full application, check out reason-react-hacker-news.

Getting Started

BuckleScript is how your ReasonML code gets compiled to Javascript. Every project that uses BuckleScript will have a bsconfig.json file (the same way you'd have tsconfig.json in a Typescript project) with project specific settings.

You can install BuckleScript globally or keep it project specific by adding it as a devDependency:

yarn global add bs-platform

# or npm
npm install --global bs-platform

If you install BuckleScript globally, you can quickly generate a ReasonReact project template (similar to create-react-app):

bsb -init my-react-app -theme react-hooks
cd my-react-app && npm install && npm start

# in another tab
npm run server

If you're interested in adding ReasonReact to your current project, it's a simple 2 step process:

yarn add bs-platform --dev --exact

# or npm
npm install bs-platform -D -S

Add the appropriate script tags to package.json:

"scripts": {
  "re:build": "bsb -make-world -clean-world",
  "re:watch": "bsb -make-world -clean-world -w"

Copy the bsconfig.json file from our docs located here

Then add some files somewhere (don't forget to change bsconfig.json, if needed).

Using Your Favorite Javascript Libraries

The same way that TypeScript has type annotations, we have bindings. Bindings are libraries that allow you to import a popular project (like lodash) or to import your own local file. ReasonReact is in fact an example of a binding!




We welcome all contributors! Anything from docs to issues to pull requests. Please help us :smile:

git clone
cd reason-react
npm install
npm start

See the README inside src for more info!

Editor Support

Looking for syntax highlighting for your favorite editor? Check out ReasonML Editor Plugins

Friends of ReasonReact

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