Redux graph database.

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Really basic graph database with entity and triple storage with some helper functions to join it all together. The module loosely follows the Hexastore approach. Six indices are created for every triple, in order to access them as fast as it is possible.

Each entity must have a unique id field and a type field. The triple id is in the format of [ subjectId, predicate, objectId ].


The reducer is default export. Uses cape-redux.createReducer internally.

import graph from 'redux-graph'
const reducerIndex = {
const reducer = combineReducers(reducerIndex)
const store = createStore(reducer)

Entity Actions

  • entityDel
  • entityPut
  • entityPutAll
  • entityUpdate

Triple Actions

  • tripleDel
  • triplePut
  • triplePutAll


  • entitySelector
  • entityTypeSelector('Person')

Helper functions.

  • create(dispatch, item) will create required triples and objects.
  • selectorCreate(selector)(dispatch, getState) For when you need a thunk action to create entity based on selector.
  • createIfNew() will dispatch new entity if it doesn't have an id field.
  • createTriple() will dispatch new entities and triples.
  • nextId() generate a new random key. Probably unique.
  • isEntity() is the object an entity.
  • isEntityCreated() does the entity have an id field. Second arg to check dateCreated prop.
  • isTriple() valid triple object.
  • insertFields() add fields (id and dateCreate) required for save.
  • rebuildEntity() adds predicate fields and entity references back into a single object.
  • entityDomainIncludes() adds domainIncludes property to entity that includes entities that reference it.
  • entityMatch(object, source) Only checks that object and source have same id and type prop values.
  • entityMatches(source)(object) Define source first.