Pagination utilities (action creators, higher order reducer) for redux

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Redux Pagination

Pagination utilities (action creators, higher order reducer) for Redux.


The current implementation makes a lot of assumptions about your api, heavily depends on redux-thunk and this middleware! You should really look at the code before trying to use this.


npm install --save redux-pagination


import paginate from 'redux-pagination'
paginate(reducer, config)

Adding pagination to your reducers

redux-pagination is a reducer enhancer (higher-order reducer), it provides the paginate function, which takes an existing reducer and a configuration object and enhances your existing reducer with pagination functionality.

To install, firstly import redux-pagination

// Redux utility functions
import { combineReducers } from 'redux'
// redux-pagination higher-order reducer
import paginate from 'redux-pagination';

Then, add paginate to your reducer(s) like this:

  history: paginate(history)

Pagination Actions

Import the action creator init function:

import { initActionCreators } from 'redux-pagination';

Init the Action Creators

const paginationActionCreators = initActionCreators({
  limit: 30, // number of items per page
  path: '/payments' // path to the make the call to

Then, you can use store.dispatch() and the pagination action creators to perform pagination operations on your state:



  • add tests
  • add caching
  • don't make assumptions about the api
  • don't depend on a specific client
  • don't depend on specific url params
  • don't depend on that middleware I mentioned above


MIT, see