Retry your redux sagas with zero-config

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Retry failed async sagas automatically!

// before
takeLatest('GET_COFFEE', getCoffee)

// after
takeLatest('GET_COFFEE', retry(getCoffee))

Just wrap your saga with the retry machine and It will run it again when a failure action happens.


  • 🏖 Easy to use: Simply wrap your saga
  • 🔼 Incremental adoption: Just add to the sagas that need it
  • 🛠 Flexible and granular: Personalize the options to fit your needs
  • 🟦 Typescript ready: Nicely typed (but accepting improvements too)



$ npm install redux-saga-retry


Import the module and wrap your saga:

import { retry } from 'redux-saga-retry';

function* getCoffee(action) { ... }

export default function* root() {
  yield all([
    takeLatest('GET_COFFEE', retry(getCoffee)),

If your saga yields an action with the type ending with _FAILURE the machine will hold it and run the saga again.

function* getCoffee(action) {
  try {
    yield call(...);

    yield put({ type: 'GET_COFFEE_SUCCESS' });
  } catch (error) {
    // This will trigger the retry machine
        yield put({ type: 'GET_COFFEE_FAILURE' });

After the request resolves successfully or the retries are exhausted your saga will run through the end.


retry(saga, [options])

Wraps a saga function and returns a retryable version of it.

The options argument is an object that you can tune how the retry works.


backoff (attempt: number) => numberexponentialGrowth

A function to sparse the retries, where attempt is the number of the current attempt (starting on 0) and returns how long to wait before trying again, in milliseconds.

We provide some basic functions (linearGrowth and exponentialGrowth) but you are free to implement your own.

condition: RegExp | (v: any) => boolean/_FAILURE$/ The condition to tell if the retry should happen.

As a RegExp, it will listen for redux-saga's action that matches the regex.
As a function, you are responsible to decide if it should retry the execution.

debug: booleanfalse

Dispatch an action when the retry happens.

  type: '@@REDUX-SAGA-RETRY',
  payload: {
    action: 'NOTES_REQUEST',
    attempt: 1,

retries: number3

The maximum number of retries the saga will run. Doesn't include the original run.
You can override this value for each run by setting a meta.retries on the action that you dispatch to the store:

  type: 'GET_COFFEE',
  meta: { retries: 42 }, // that's a lot of retries


Custom options

  • matches any action ending on _FAIL, _FAILED or _FAILURE
  • retry up to 4 times
  • sparse the tries by 400ms, 800ms, 1200ms...
import { retry, linearGrowth } from 'redux-saga-retry';


retry(getCoffee, {
  condition: /_FAIL(ED|URE)?$/,
  backoff: linearGrowth,
  retries: 4,

Advanced condition and backoff options

  • custom condition: checks for PUT effects in which the action type ends on _FAILURE but not if the payload.status is 401 (maybe you want to handle the authorization before try again).
  • sparse the tries by an initial delay of 1400ms followed by 400ms, 800ms, 1200ms...
import { retry } from 'redux-saga-retry';

function conditionFn(value) {
  if (value?.type !== 'PUT') {
    return false;  // not interested in other effects

  const { type, payload } = value.payload.action;

  return type.endsWith('_FAILURE') && payload.status !== 401;

const backoffFn = i => i === 0 ? 1400 : 400 * i;


retry(getCoffee, {
  condition: conditionFn,
  backoff: backoffFn,