Module to work with Renoise songs

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This is a work in progress for providing some tools to work with Renoise files in node.js land.

If you have any ammendments or can improve this, feel free to fork the project, do your magic and then send me a pull request ;-)


npm install renoise


Currently you can only convert a song's XML file to JSON, which is more palatable to humans:

var renoise = require('renoise');

renoise.loadAsJSON('/path/to/song.xrns', function(songJSON) {
    console.log('Got the JSON file!');


Soledad Penad├ęs

Acknowledgments & thanks

Lots of thanks fly to...

  • the Renoise team for storing the songs in a hackable format (ZIP+XML), which in turn encourages people to build tools and things for Renoise. YAY!
  • the authors of xml2js and node-unzip that I'm using too. Both libraries are easy to use and do their job amazingly well. Awesome.