Preset monorepo configs for Renovate

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monorepo presets

This directory contains presets for defining monorepo groups.

These can be referenced using the monorepo: prefix, e.g. monorepo:babel.

In most cases, dependencies from the same monorepo should be upgraded at the same time (in same branch/PR) and these preset configs are used to group them together.

The goal of these lists and patterns is to define packages from within the monorepo and not any related packages. e.g. we want all the packages from the facebook/react repository and not to include just anything with react in its name, like react-unofficial-videos.


:warning: Don't forget to setup your machine, see general README

Do not edit the package.json directly. Instead, add entries to generate.js and then run node generate.js to update the package.json from there. Often there may be other updates included since the last time it was generated - if so then you may want to run generate.js once on its own and commit and that and then push your own changes afterwards in a second commit. Please also bump the package.json version too.