Report-To Middleware for Express

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Report To

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This is Express middleware to set the Report-To HTTP response header. You can read more about it here and here.

To use:

const reportTo = require('report-to')

// ...

    groups: [
            group: "endpoint-1",
            max_age: 10886400,
            include_subdomains: true,
            endpoints: [
                    url: "",
                    priority: 1
                    url: "",
                    priority: 2

When set alone, this header doesn't do anything and will need to be set with a header that allows reporting, such as Content-Security-Policy, NEL, etc.

For example, using the above definition, a NEL header may look like the following, using endpoint-1 as its report-to parameter: NEL: {"report_to":"endpoint-1","max_age":31536000,"include_subdomains":true} You can use this module to set an NEL header easily with express. is a great reporting platform for monitoring CSP, NEL, etc. error logs.


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