Reshuffle connectors for Movies Anywhere

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npm install reshuffle-moviesanywhere-connector

Reshuffle Movies Anywhere Connector

This package contains a Reshuffle connector to Movies Anywhere, providing access to movie data per the Movies Anywhere API.

The following actions return title information in the TitleData structure, as defined by the Movies Anywhere API. If the connector is configured with an API token, the returned data will include trailer information.

The following example creates an API endpoint for retrieving movie data using its EIDR ID. You can try 10.5240/DF48-AB62-4486-C185-9E1B-4 or find EIDR IDs using the Reshuffle EIDR Connector:

const { Reshuffle, HttpConnector } = require('reshuffle')
const { MoviesAnywhereConnector } = require('reshuffle-moviesanywhere-connector')

const app = new Reshuffle()
const ma = new MoviesAnywhereConnector(app)
const http = new HttpConnector(app)

http.on({ method: 'GET', path: '/' }, async (event) => {
  const eidr = event.req.query.eidr
  if (!/^10\.5240\/([0-9A-F]{4}-){5}[0-9A-Z]$/.test(eidr)) {
    return event.res.status(400).send(`Invalid EIDR ID: ${eidr}`)
  const data = await ma.getTitleByEIDR(eidr)
  return event.res.json(data)


Table of Contents

Configuration Configuration options

Connector actions:

getAllTitles Get all titles data

getTitleById Get title data by Movies Anywhere ID

getTitleByEIDR Get title data by EIDR ID

getTitlesByStudio Get titles data for a specific studio

getTransactionsByUser Get transaction history for user

Configuration options
const app = new Reshuffle()
const moviesAnywhereConnector = new MoviesAnywhereConnector(app)

Connector actions

Get all titles action


() => {
  count: number,
  results: TitleData[],


const { count, results } = await moviesAnywhereConnector.getAllTitles()

Retrieve all title information stored by Movies Anywhere.

Get title by ID action


 id: string
) => TitleData


const id = '7c1d0438-a71d-40a7-8567-6a4f714355cd'
const titleData = await moviesAnywhereConnector.getTitleById(id)

Get the title information associated with a given Movies Anywhere ID.

Get title by EIDR action


 eidr: string
) => TitleData


const eidr = '10.5240/CEFE-FECA-CBD0-F72A-E650-H'
const titleData = await moviesAnywhereConnector.getTitleByEIDR(eidr)

Get the title information associated with a given EIDR ID, as specified by the EIDR API.

Get titles by studio action


 studio: 'Disney' | 'Fox' | 'Lionsgate' | 'Sony' | 'Universal' | 'WB'
) => {
  count: number,
  results: TitleData[],


const studio = 'Universal'
const { count, results } =
  await moviesAnywhereConnector.getTitlesByStudio(studio)

Retrieve all title information for movies released by the specified studio.

Get transactions by user action


(userId: string) => tranasactions: Object[]


const transactions =
  await moviesAnywhereConnector.getTransactionsByUser('myid')

Retrieve the transaction (purchase) history for the specified user. The specified userId must be pre-registered with Movies Anywhere.