Adds cookie parsing/setting to restify

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Adds cookie reading/setting to restify.

Adds the request.cookie object, which is a hash containing all the key-value cookie pairs sent with this request. For setting cookies this adds the response.setCookie method, which takes a key and value and adds it to the cookie header.

response.setCookie('key', 'value'),
response.setCookie('key', 'value', cookieOptions);  // options explained below

There is also response.clearCookie, which will set the value of a cookie to an empty string. It takes a key and optionally additional cookie options.

response.clearCookie('key', cookieOptions);  // options explained below


npm install restify-cookies

Example Usage:

var CookieParser = require('restify-cookies');
var Restify = require('restify');

var server = Restify.createServer();


server.get('/', function(req, res, next){
  var cookies = req.cookies; // Gets read-only cookies from the request

  res.setCookie('my-new-cookie', 'Hi There'); // Adds a new cookie to the response

  if (req.cookies['my-old-cookie']){
    res.clearCookie('my-old-cookie');  // Remove this old cookie



Cookie Options

Cookies can have options specified detailing the lifetime of the cookie, the domain, the paths the cookie is set for, HTTPS only and disallowing JavaScript access to the cookie. To set these options use setCookie with the optional third parameter or clearCookie with the optional second parameter.

The cookie options object is a hash containing these fields:

  • path - A string path the cookie is valid for. Default: no path.
  • expires - Date object for when the cookie should expire. Default: No expiry.
  • maxAge - Number of seconds until the cookie should expire. Default: No max age.
  • domain - The domain the cookie will be sent over. Default: origin only.
  • secure - Set to true if the cookie should only be sent for HTTPS requests. Default: false.
  • httpOnly - Set to true to disable client-side manipulation of the cookie. Default: false.


  res.setCookie('myCookie', 'Hi There', {
    path: '/home/',
    domain: '',
    maxAge: 60,
    secure: true,
    httpOnly: true


MIT License