Allows to handle POST/PUT request content as a JSON stream or as a JSON object

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Restify jsonstream body parser

When using server.use(restify.bodyParser(), content is buffered being passed through to restify bodyParser.

With very large content, this quickly becomes a bottleneck, hanging restify thread while reading data.

This library allow to manually bypass the default bodyParser behaviour to avoid blocking the main event loop, by providing a stream (or JSON stream) instead. This is to the user of the plugin to define if the content will be processed as a stream or as an object. All other requests are left unchanged.




    url: '/',
    streamer: {
        pattern: '*'
}, function (req, res, next) {
    req.body.pipe(es.writeArray(function (err, content) {
        res.send(err ? 400 : 200, content);
    .on('end', res.end);


As for any restify middleware, you can pass options. Those options will get forwarded to the default bodyParser if used.