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npm npm David



The best in life.

install with npm i -g retrocord


  • Cool Commands
  • Great integration with current Discord features
    • Message types
    • Search
    • NSFW channels
    • Custom emoji support, with nitro detection
    • ...and more!
  • Customizable command prefix (defaults to /)
  • Parses emojis for incoming and outgoing messages
  • Smart mentions with support for mentioning impossible-to-mention unicode usernames


  • login <token> - login to the client
  • logout - log the client out
  • join [guild|"dm"] <@user|#channel> - join a channel
    • join dm @vix
    • join discord api #general
    • join #testing (if you are already scoped to a guild)
  • search <...query> [-options] - search the currently selected channel
    • search testing --limit=10 --has=image
    • search banned user --author-type=bot
  • shrug [...text] - discord-client-style shrug
  • tableflip [...text] - discord-client-style tableflip
  • game [...text] - set your current game
  • nick [...text] - set your nick in the current guild, if in one
  • set <name> [value] - set a setting in your .retrorc
  • q/quit/exit - exit the client


Message Types

NSFW Channels

Tableflip Command