A thin wrapper around request to make it easy to work with the Reviso REST API

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This small module wraps request in order to provide easy access to the Reviso REST API.


Install via npm:

npm install reviso

Use it like you would use request. The main difference is that you only have to specify relative URLs and that authentication is handled for you. Just provide a valid access token and you're ready to go:

var appSecretToken = 'your-app-secret-token';
var agreementGrantToken = 'your-agreement-grant-token';

var reviso = require('reviso')(appSecretToken, agreementGrantToken);

reviso('/customers', function (error, response, body) {

Getting Access

In order to get access to the API you first need to register an app to get an appSecretToken. With that in place you need to run your users through a flow in order to obtain an agreementGrantToken that you can use to interact with their data.

The whole process is described in detail here:

API Documentation

The general Reviso REST API documenation can be found here: