A CLI tool to create new content for static site inspired by hugo new

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A CLI tool to create new content for static site inspired by hugo new

Rikka Takarada


$ npm install rikka -g


rikka is currently has only the new command.

Create new content

$ rikka new log/example.md

Generate new file to contents/log/example.md.

Chenge archetypes directory or contents directory or both

With this option you can change archetypes diretory or contents directory or both.

$ rikka new about/example.md --archetypeDir customArchetypes --contentsDir customContents

Generate new file to customContents/about/example.md.


Archetypes are templates used when creating new content.

Use case

If this command is executed, rikka looks for archetypes/log.md.

$ rikka new log/example.md

Then, it generates contents/log/example.md based on archetypes/log.md.

If archetypes/log.md can not be found, rikka looks for archetypes/default.md. If it exists, rikka creates contents/log/example.md based on archetypes/default.md.

If archetypes/log.md and archetypes/default.md can not be found, rikka generates empty file in contents/log/example.md.

Priority order of the templates

When rikka new log/example.md is executed, the priority order of the templates is as follows.

  1. archetypes/log.md
  2. archetypes/default.md
  3. Create empty file

Template variables

Template variables can be used in a archetype file or the CLI.

All template variables

Varialbe Example Description
{{ date }} 2018-10-31T23:33:30+09:00 Return date
{{ unixtime }} 1540996410 Return unixtime
{{ generator }} rikka Return generator
{{ generatorVersion }} 1.0.0 Return generator version

Used in archetype file

Make such a file in archetypes directory.

title: log
published_at: {{ date }}
generator_info: {{ generator }} v{{ generatorVersion }}

Execute rikka new log/example.md assigns some template variables and output.

title: log
published_at: 2018-10-31T23:33:30+09:00
generator_info: rikka v1.0.0

Used in the CLI

Template variables can also be used in the CLI.
For example, when such a command is executed.

$ rikka new "log/{{ unixtime }}.md"

Then, a file like contents/log/1540996410.md is generated.


$ rikka -h
$ rikka new -h